Private Mental Health Network goes live with Koha

The Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia) has gone live with a fully online digital library of resources for mental health care professionals and consumers. The library provides a highly curated collection for a field where updates to knowledge are frequent and significant, both for consumers and care professionals. The collection consists entirely of[…]

Koha Security Upgrade

The Koha release team has announced a security release. The following Koha versions were released on 29 August: Koha 17.05.03 Koha 16.11.11 Koha 16.05.16   These releases contain patches to correct a number of cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. All CALYX hosted clients have been upgraded to Koha version 16.11.11. The upgrade was performed late on[…]

CALYX Newsletter May 2017

Koha News from CALYX Welcome to another update on Koha and your support service from CALYX.   News from CALYX information essentials May 2017 Welcome to another update on Koha and your support service from CALYX. This newsletter contains information about an imminent upgrade of Koha.   Koha 16.11 upgrade imminent All hosted clients will[…]

Koha Security Release Announced

The Koha Development Team have announced a security release for currently supported versions of Koha. The following Koha versions have been released: 16.11.03 16.05.08 3.22.16 These upgrades provide important fixes for several security¬†vulnerabilities. The releases come with a strong recommendation that if you are running one of these Koha versions you should upgrade as soon[…]