Koha Upgrade to version 16.11.07 completed

All CALYX hosted clients have been upgraded to Koha version 16.11.07. The upgrade was performed overnight on Thursday 18 May 2017. Major new features in Koha 16.11 include: an Article Requests module; a Housebound Readers module; new Patron Quick Add form; Allow a Patron to Place Multiple Reserves on a Record (e.g. reserve more than[…]

Kohacon2016 Video Presentations

A really BIG thank you to the Kohacon2016 team in Thessaloniki, Greece for hosting the conference this year and for making the presentation videos available. For your convenience CALYX has prepared a list of useful information below: The programme: http://kohacon2016.lib.auth.gr/?page_id=2417 Conference videos: http://www.livemedia.com/kohacon16 #kohacon16: https://twitter.com/hashtag/kohacon16?f=tweets&vertical=default&src=hash Chris Cormack’s personal coverage of the event: http://blog.bigballofwax.co.nz/ Table of presentations below: Title[…]

Koha Upgrade to version 3.20.06 completed

All CALYX hosted clients have been upgraded to Koha version 3.20.06. The upgrade was performed overnight on Wednesday 9 December 2015. Major new features in Koha 3.20 include: Batch record modification; The ability to generate RSS feeds for public lists; Checkout and due date managed to the hour – particularly useful for single day loans; More[…]

National Meteorological Library goes live on Koha

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has implemented Koha as the library management system for the National Meteorological library located in Melbourne. The Bureau is an agency of the Australian government responsible for providing weather services to Australia and the surrounding oceans. The library holds about 20,000 items, serves almost 2,000 employees and keeps records of[…]

Koha Security Upgrade Applied

The Koha Release Team announced a security release on Tuesday 22 June 2015.  The release fixed cross scripting vulnerabilities in the OPAC and the Staff Client.  All hosted clients of CALYX were upgraded to Koha version 3.18.08 on Thursday 25 June.  See our Newsletter for more details.

Koha Upgrade to version 3.18.07 completed

All CALYX  hosted clients have been upgraded to Koha version 3.18.07. The upgrade was performed overnight on Wednesday 10 June 2015.   Major new features in Koha 3.18 include: in Acquisitions, vendor records can now store details of multiple contacts and roll-over for non-received orders is provided; in Circulation, support is added for Rotating Collections,[…]

RFID equipment of 3M Corp integrated with Koha for Nan Tien Institute

Nan Tien Institute of Berkeley NSW has implemented RFID tagging for its library collection and has purchased equipment from 3M for staff workstations, student self-issuing and detection gates.   Integrating the 3M equipment with Nan Tien Institute’s Koha version 3.16, hosted by CALYX, was simple, straightforward and inexpensive.  CALYX‘ personnel worked with 3M to define[…]