Celebrating fifteen years of Koha support in Australia

CALYX information essentials is proudly celebrating fifteen years of service to users of the Koha integrated library system. Over this period assistance has been provided with almost 100 Koha installations, over a thousand hours of training and in the resolution of thousands of support request tickets. CALYX now serves customers from Fiji to the Kimberley in Western Australia.

Founder and CEO Irma Birchall says, “In 2003 I was asked by a professional services company with offices across Australia to find a low cost but effective storage and processing solution for their knowledge resources. In my research, I came across Koha and was immediately taken with its potential to empower librarians. All the alternatives I was aware of at the time had unacceptable restrictions on how and where the software could be installed, who could use which modules of it and how data could be exported. These license provisions constrained the choices of librarians and drove up costs. Koha, being free and open source software built on modern web technologies and open standards throughout, offered an entirely different way.

“We installed Koha v1.3 for our first client and later versions for numerous other libraries since. We have ourselves been astonished at the pace and extent to which Koha has developed over the time of our involvement, but less surprised by its take-up around the world. Now the most widely deployed ILS in the world, Koha’s rich feature set, robust technology, documentation and support put it head and shoulders above comparable systems. Koha is awesome and just keeps getting better.”

We are also celebrating the Koha community

As this milestone in our history is reached, CALYX pays tribute to the international Koha community. Koha is supported and developed by a thriving community of librarians and information technology professionals around the world. Companies like ours exist on all continents, providing support to users and contributing to the ongoing development of the software and documentation. Leaders of the project over the years have included Biblibre in France, Bywater Solutions in the USA, Catalyst IT in New Zealand and PTFS Europe in the UK. But as Irma says, “In signalling these out, we do not diminish the contributions of others in Canada, Mexico, South America, India, Nigeria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, UK, Scandinavia and elsewhere. Nor do we under-estimate the contributions of individuals, who we don’t name for fear of omission. So many people have played a part in bringing Koha to where it is today. We sincerely thank our friends and colleagues around the world.”

Whilst we look back with satisfaction, we are also excited about Koha’s prospects in Australia and beyond. With our first commitment being to existing clients, we continue to improve our own systems and infrastructure. We also look forward to assisting new users to experience the power and friendliness of Koha.

For more information about Koha and CALYX’ services, contact us!