Hosted Clients Upgraded to Koha 17.05.06

All clients hosted by CALYX have been upgraded to Koha version 17.05.06. The upgrade was performed overnight on Wednesday 13 December 2017. Clients now have additional features available whilst losing none of their settings or the functionality they enjoyed prior to the upgrade.

The highlight of the Koha 17.05 release, in our opinion, is the creation of the pathway to metadata schema independence. Presently the metadata schema supported by Koha is MARC. The metadata were stored in MARCXML format in Koha’s database as an element of the bibliographic records table. They’ve now been moved to their own table which allows specification of both the schema (MARC) and variant (MARC 21 or UNIMARC). In future (with further specific development) it will be possible to ingest and create records using other schemas, for example Dublin Core, METS, MODS, RDF or any new schema. As we move toward a world of linked data, the possibilities are evident.

Other highlights of Koha 17.05 are:

  • a new ‘Article Requests’ module;
  • a new ‘Patron Clubs’ feature;
  • the introduction of a ‘Patron Notes’ feature in the OPAC, enabling patrons to comment to librarians, for example about a book’s condition;
  •  an improvement regarding Reservations (holds) whereby patrons can be prevented from requesting pick up from a branch where the item is available on the shelf.


The Release Notes for Koha 17.05 are available here.

Small, frequent upgrades imply less effort and less risk than large, infrequent upgrades. Moreover, versions of Koha that are no longer supported by the Koha Community may contain both software errors and security vulnerabilities. Currently supported versions of Koha are:

  • 17.11.00 (released in late November 2017 and now the ‘Stable’ branch);
  • 17.05.06 (the ‘old-stable’ branch, our recommendation until 17.11 matures through a few monthly maintenance releases); and
  • 16.11.14.


Users of earlier versions are advised to upgrade. For further information, or an obligation-free discussion of your options, contact CALYX.