Koha Security Releases and Upgrade Advice

Koha Security Releases and Upgrade Advice

Welcome to another update on Koha and your support service from CALYX.


Security Releases of Koha

Koha developers are continually focused on ensuring your library software is as secure as possible. For currently maintained versions of Koha, new Releases have been made recently.

The following releases of Koha are Security releases:

  • Version 16.05.03
  • Version 3.22.10
  • Version 3.20.14

These releases block one potential privacy breach and contain fixes for a number of potential cross scripting vulnerabilities.

The releases are also maintenance releases and contain patches for other identified issues.

It is recommended that you upgrade your Koha version as soon as possible.


All CALYX Hosted Clients have been upgraded

CALYX’ hosted clients were upgraded to version 3.22.10 overnight on Thursday 1 September 2016.

Following any upgrade, it is recommended that users clear their browser cache. If having done so, you encounter any issues, they should be reported to us using the support form at support.calyx.net.au.

No other action is required of hosted clients.

Non-Hosted Clients are advised to upgrade

Clients who maintain their Koha system in-house are advised to upgrade as soon as possible.

All in-house Koha installations should by now be installed from Debian packages.  Before upgrading, confirm your Apt sources.  A previous post from Galen Charlton highlights the issue.

Any library running Koha version 3.18.x or below should be aware that your version is no longer officially maintained.  Please upgrade.  Contact us if you require assistance.

Using the ‘Public Reports’ feature of Koha

Any report in Koha can be made ‘public’ and the output can then be provided to your clients, for example via the OPAC home page. This is similar to setting up a List, however in some circumstances a public report will have advantages.

A presentation on this topic was made recently to a meeting in Melbourne. The slides of the presentation are available from our website.


KohaCon17 will be held in the Philippines in June 2017. Exact dates are still to be advised. The successful proposal is here. CALYX will advise as dates and further information become available.

The next opportunity to attend the international Koha conference in our region is likely to be in Wellington NZ in 2020 (the 20th anniversary celebrations). Whilst its a guess, we anticipate that the 2018 and 2019 events will probably be held in the USA or in Europe. Those able to secure the time and budget to attend in Manila can expect an interesting conference and a warm welcome.


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