Kohacon2016 Video Presentations

A really BIG thank you to the Kohacon2016 team in Thessaloniki, Greece for hosting the conference this year and for making the presentation videos available.

For your convenience CALYX has prepared a list of useful information below:

The programme: http://kohacon2016.lib.auth.gr/?page_id=2417

Conference videos: http://www.livemedia.com/kohacon16

#kohacon16: https://twitter.com/hashtag/kohacon16?f=tweets&vertical=default&src=hash

Chris Cormack’s personal coverage of the event: http://blog.bigballofwax.co.nz/

Table of presentations below:

TitlePresenter / OrganisationVideo Link
IntroductionMultiple speakershttp://www.livemedia.com/video/229952
Welcome/OpeningMultiple speakershttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236673
Koha community organisationPaul Poulain – BibLibre, France & Jonathan Druart – Koha communityhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236899
Growing the Koha CommunityChristopher Cormack – Catalyst IT, New Zealandhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/237213
Koha historyPaul Poulain – BibLibre, France & Christopher Cormack – Catalyst IT, New Zealandhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236674
BIBFRAME: MARC replacement and much more!Joy Nelson & Jesse Weaver – ByWater Solutions, USAhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/238220
Koha International FundBrendan Gallagher – ByWater Solutions, USAhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236900
Introduction to Bugzilla – SandboxesSonia Bouis – Jean-Moulin-Lyon 3 University / French association Kohala, Francehttp://www.livemedia.com/video/238235
The application of FOSS in Libraries: a hope through the crisisProdromos Tsiavos – UCL the Media Institute, UKhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236704
Promoting Koha the Open Source Way: the Koha Gruppo ItalianoStefano Bargioni – Pontificia Universita della Santa Croce, Rome / Koha Gruppo Italiano, Italy, Franziska Wallner & Sebastian Hierl – The American University of Rome, Italy, Juan Diego Ramνrez – Pontificia Universita della Santa Croce, Italyhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236973
Opting for an open source ILS: AUTh Library’s transition to KohaTheodoros Theodoropoulos, Athanasios Petridis & Giannis Kourmoulis – Library & Information Centre, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greecehttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236763
How a local koha users association can promote and support KohaSonia Bouis – Jean Moulin-Lyon 3 University / French association Kohala, Francehttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236976
Largest Koha Installation, Experiences of 1126 Public Libraries of TurkeyMengu Yazicioglu – DEVINIM, Turkeyhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/238239
New users, old problems? : Aristotle University Library staff’s satisfaction of KohaGeorge Christodoulou, Aspasia Togia – Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece & Ioanna Miloftsi – ICBS College Library, Greecehttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236815
Migrating to KOHA. University of Macedonia Library ExperienceFilippos Kolovos & Kostas Zontanos – University of Macedonia Library, Greecehttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236986
Managing digital and physical collections: interfacing Coral and KohaPaul Poulain – BibLibre, Francehttp://www.livemedia.com/video/238245
EBSCO Discovery Service Koha Plugin: New Features and AppsAlvet Miranda – EBSCO Information Services, Australiahttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236823
Increasing traceability of physical library items through Koha: the case of SELIDAPanos Georgiou, Kyriakos Stefanidis & Giannis Tsakonas – Library & Information Center, University of Patras, Greecehttp://www.livemedia.com/video/237010
A new open source library platform (SLP): building and integrating microservicesRon Burns – EBSCO Information Services, USAhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/238259
Migrating from WinISIS to Koha – a case studyRocio Jordan – ByWater Solutions, USAhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236825
Koha Implementation projects: An Experience from PakistanSher Afzal Khan & Rida Zehra Hashmi – Bahria University, Pakistanhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/237015
10 years of Koha in Greece: from solitude to solidarity?Georgia Katsarou – College Year in Athens / International Center for Hellenic and Mediterranean Studies, Greecehttp://www.livemedia.com/video/238260
HORIZON to Koha data migration: technical issues and challenges: the Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis Library caseIro Sotiriadou, Fotini Traka & Damiana Koutsomiha – American Farm School Library, Greece, and Dimitrios Kouis & George Veranis – HEAL-Link, Greecehttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236828
Koha in FEMM-TH Library. An Open Source Integrated Library System experiencePanagiota Galetsi & Chrisoula Karakitsiou – Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace, Greecehttp://www.livemedia.com/video/237017
Working towards a Koha Greek Users’ GroupSofia Zapounidou & Giannis Kourmoulis – Library & Information Centre, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greecehttp://www.livemedia.com/video/238267
Setting up a new ILS using Koha: the case of the NLGMathios Stratis & Dimitris Zygoukis – National Library of Greece, Greece and Vassilis Darsinos & Harry Lachanas – DHD Software Solutions, Greecehttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236845
Let’s Encrypt Koha!Mirko Tietgen – koha.abunchofthings.net, Germanyhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236847
Koha and Books: the YBP AdvantageAnn-Marie Breaux – YBP Library Services [a division of EBSCO], USAhttp://www.livemedia.com/video/237066
Round table (modules)Conference participantshttp://www.livemedia.com/video/236850
Round table (modules)Conference participantshttp://www.livemedia.com/video/237070