Private Mental Health Network goes live with Koha

The Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia) has gone live with a fully online digital
library of resources for mental health care professionals and consumers. The library provides a highly
curated collection for a field where updates to knowledge are frequent and significant, both for consumers
and care professionals.
The collection consists entirely of digital resources, mostly in PDF format. There are no physical
resources at this time. The collection is catalogued in the open source Koha ILS. Resources are stored in a
digital repository application, Pydio, that provides a permanent URL for access from the 856 tag of the
record in Koha. The library including the Koha and Pydio applications is fully hosted, maintained and
supported by CALYX information essentials.
CALYX Director Irma Birchall explains: “This is the second digital library we have implemented with
Koha. Whilst the library has no need of functionality for membership and circulation management, using
the ILS in this way provides the library with so many more features than are obtainable from a web site,
especially at the price point achieved. Flexibility of OPAC design, powerful searching and the flexible
news feature are just the beginning. We’re excited to be associated with this innovative library.”

About Koha

Koha is the world’s most widely deployed integrated library system. It is fully featured, standards
compliant and built entirely with modern web technologies. Koha is free and open source software,
developed and maintained by a collaborating world wide community. More information is available from
the project website and from CALYX.

About Pydio

Pydio is a secure file sharing application for business. It is free and open source software. More
information is available from the project website and from CALYX.

About Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network

The Network was formed in 2002 to promote the interests of members of the community requiring private
mental health services. The vision of the Network is to promote effective advocacy as the driving force
behind all changes in mental health services delivered in private sector settings. The Network builds
relationships with all mental health providers, funders and users and develops links with professional
bodies to improve services. The Network ensures responsiveness and accountability to the rights and
needs of those people and their families affected by a mental health problem or mental illness. It
encourages awareness and education about mental health issues.
More information is available from the Network’s website. The library is online here.


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