November 27, 2013

Software as a Service


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which your applications are hosted by CALYX and made available to you over the Internet.


Centralized hosting of business applications dates back to the 1960s (remember the payroll service bureau?). The model has become ubiquitous in the modern era due to the widespread availability of fast broadband. Typical SaaS applications require only a web browser to use. No software need be installed on users’ devices.



The hosted solution is both convenient and economic as you do not have to own the computer server or maintain the operating system and application software.



CALYX’ hosting facilities are maintained by a publicly listed company that is a world leader in hosting infrastructure solutions, including networking, redundancy and physical and network security. The hosting solution includes replication of your data in (almost) real time to a second server and of course we back up nightly.



CALYX keeps your application software up to date with the latest enhancements to Koha. Accelerated feature delivery is a significant benefit of the SaaS model, as software upgrades are performed centrally and do not need to be managed across hundreds of user devices. Other advantages include:

• the software is deployed simply and quickly: there is no complex ‘roll-out’ procedure;

• any computer with a web browser can access the application: there is no requirement for the client to install or upgrade internal hardware;

• cross platform compatibility: the software can be accessed from any device – PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone – running any operating system – Linux, Windows or Mac;

• costs are known and predictable.



As an application service provider deploying free software, CALYX respects your rights. The General Public License implies you may use the software as you wish, examine the source code, make changes to the software and pass them on to others if you wish.
Infrastructure of the Koha project together with CALYX’ hosting model assure you can do these things. Ask us for more information.